Casting Off 2009

Casting Off Poland


Casting Off was the debut novel of Nicole R. Dickson.

Praise for Casting Off:

“A beautiful novel of letting go, healing,  and redemption.” – Susan Wiggs New York Times Bestselling Author of Just Breathe 

“A wonderful author.” Karen White New York Times Bestselling Author of The Lost Hours


Casting Off 1. Ending a Knitted work. 2. Releasing a boat from its mooring. 3. Letting go….

On a tiny island off the west coast of Ireland, the fisherman’s sweaters tell a story. Each is unique – feelings stitched into rows, memories into patterns.

It is here Rebecca Moray comes to research a book on Irish knitting.  With her daughter, Rowan, accompanying her, she hopes to lose herself in the history of the island and forget her own painful past.  Soon, the townfolk’s warm embrace wraps Rebecca and Rowan in a world of friendship, laughter, and love.

And it is here that young Rowan befriends Sean Morahan, a cantankerous old fisherman, despite his attempts to scare her off.  As Rebecca watches her daughter interact with Morahan, she recognizes in his eyes a look that speaks of a dark knowledge not unlike her own.  And when current storms threaten to resurrect old ones, Morahan and Rebecca find themselves on a collision course – with Rowan caught in between them – each buffeted by waves of regret and recrimination.  Only by walking headfirst into the winds will the find the faith to forgive without forgetting…and reach the shore.



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